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  • While alleviating societal problems has never been an easy task, new innovations in Finance and Technology did make impressive breakthroughs in the past decade to remedy a variety of social challenges, which enhance sustainability, induce positive impacts and resolve concerning social situations to improve people’s and communities’ welfare.


    Elements of Finance and Technology

    To help your team to begin brainstorming a few concepts, you may consider one or more of the following Finance and Technology aspects to incorporate within your model. We welcome your imagination beyond these applications.


    • Inclusive-Finance
    • Micro-finance
    • Information sharing
    • Risk-pooling


    • Apps and online tools
    • Hardware devices
    • Big data and analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interesting Reads on Innovations Using Finance and Technology

    To get you a head start on your project, below are some inspiring stories showcasing how Finance and Technology has been used to tackle social challenges in different countries. You may check out these articles to find inspiration for your own creative ideas.

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    Solving Big Social Problems by Thinking Small

    Every Small Changes, Pave the Way for Bigger Innovations

    Source of Article and Image: Stanford Social Innovation Review

    Financial and technological innovations can be from anywhere. It could be from Indian entrepreneurs in their own small local villages, or collaboration between NGOs, large scale corporations and multinational initiatives. Small ideas with limited resources can often lead to big impacts.

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    Five Tech Solutions to Global Problems​

    Notice Opportunities and Challenges around You to Start Your Journey

    Source of Article and Image: Raconteur

    Every problem is an opportunity for innovation. Learn how changemakers are using technological including hardware devices, AI systems to mitigate critical social issues, such as world hunger, modern slavery, animal testing etc. 


    Further Readings on Financial Innovation

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    To Build a Better Economy for Our Future Generations

    A Case from Bank of China

    In the aspects of micro- and inclusive-finance, Bank of China has established a three-in-one service model for “cross-border matchmaking, credit factory and investment-loan linkage”, aiming to help medium, small and micro enterprises to achieve sustainable development by providing comprehensive financial services. In addition, Bank of China has also formulated an implementation program of “Green Plus” to support green finance, partnering with customers who are willing to shoulder social responsibilities and protect the environment for sustainable development.


    (Inclusive-finance, micro-finance, information sharing, green finance )

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    Integrating Environmental Protection into Bank Policies

    In order to facilitate the development of green finance and the fulfilment of social responsibility, Bank of China (Hong Kong) has extended loans to enterprises that engage with projects that are socially and environmentally sustainable, and issued green finance-themed bonds to develop green economic activities.


    (Green finance)

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